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You do not want to give away things that are particularly close to your heart. That applies even more to the subject of motorcycles. If the beloved two-wheeler is to be transported but many kilometers, or even a new purchase pending, there are alternatives to carry on its axis.

Transport of the motorcycle via forwarding – the process

All variants point, however, the time and logistical effort. To get the motorbike to its destination, you have to create your hand, travel with it, and plan a costly loading. Alternatively, freight forwarders are specializing in the transportation of motorcycles. Also, transport is not only possible within Germany, but almost anywhere in Europe or even worldwide.

On the Internet, you can conveniently inform yourself and compare the offers of various freight forwarders. After finding and hiring a freight forwarder, the dispatcher of the forwarding agency will arrange a pickup appointment by e-mail or telephone. This is usually specified in a time window; certain flexibility is therefore necessary.

Tip: The motorcycle can be picked up from the address of a company, such as a motorcycle repair shop, which saves long waiting times or a holiday.

The transport of the motorcycle takes place during the forwarding in closed trucks or trailers. Depending on the tour, mostly vehicles of the Sprinter class are used, but there are also 7.5 or 11 Tonner used. Inviting takes over the driver, dirty fingers or mistakes when lashing are so either excluded or the insurance of the shipping company.

After picking up the bike it is – this is a big difference to the other transport methods – NOT directly to the receiver of the motorcycle. Shippers plan so-called tours, for example, a “north-south” or east-west “tour. Depending on the route planning, it may, therefore, be that the motorcycle is on the road for a few days or even transhipped or stored temporarily, if, for example, the delivery route is not yet fully utilized. Usually, however, delivery will take place up to a maximum of 5 working days after pickup.

Important: When ordering a freight forwarder and the calculation of the price necessarily the extent of insurance inexperience. Not always the motorcycle is protected against theft and damage in full height, there are forwarding agencies which require an extra charge for this. This is a good thing in principle. It leaves the decision to the customer. For a good comparison, however, the same overall performance must be compared.

I transport about ten motorcycles a year by freight forwarding, be it to the resort or as a homeowner for “bargain purchases.” So far, I have been able to gain different experiences – I have had good experiences with this motorcycle shipping provider because of the simplicity and reliability of the handling, and I can recommend it at the current time (June 2016).

For the following purposes, motorcycle forwarding is suitable as a means of transport

  • Transfer of the motorcycle after purchase (“eBay purchase”)
  • Transmission of the bike to the resort with the time window
  • Return of a rollable accident motorcycle

For the following purposes, the shipping company is not suitable

  • Transport with fixed pickup/ delivery window
  • Transfer of a new vehicle about the condition is unclear
  • time-sensitive transports
  • Transport of accident motorcycles that are no longer able to roll

The advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle transport by freight carrier

A significant advantage of forwarding transport is stress-free processing. The logistics, the loading, the appointment – everything takes over the service provider – and driving to do so. This saves a lot of time and course money.

Especially for transport inexperienced, just the loading factor is not to be underestimated. When loaded and secured many costly mistakes can happen: If the bike falls off the ramp or even the trailer, the damage is always more significant than the money saved, not to mention the worse.

In terms of cost can not be a lump sum for the forwarding call. Typical factors for the price calculation are the distance and size of the machine as well as the scope of insurance. On the other hand, there is, of course, a price war among the providers.

Tip: The cheapest, commissioned twice! Not only stubbornly go for the price, but also check services and read reviews.

Whether the use of a forwarding agency is worthwhile compared to the rented van or trailer can not be answered directly.

Summary: For whom is the forwarder suitable for motorbike transport?

The transport of one’s motorcycle with the help of a forwarding agency is particularly suitable for people who do not have their means of transport (trailers or transporters) or can not undertake the transport themselves for reasons of time. In this respect, a forwarding company can pay off, especially when buying a two-wheeler. The forwarding company can also be exciting for longer motorcycle trips if a rental truck or trailer would be left unused at the base location.

You should pay particular attention to the issue of liability – since you give your bike into the wrong hands, the freight forwarder should be able to provide very accurate information about the scope of the performance.

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