Protective gear for motorcyclists – that’s why it’s so important

Motorcycling is one of the most popular motorsports. Each of us loves the speed and the feeling of being free. Of course, you should first enjoy only with moderation and reason. Even though it is one of the greatest passions to sit on the machine and accelerate, one thing must not be forgotten: especially on the road, one is considered a “weaker” road user and one should absolutely make sure to be as good as possible Protect injuries. Each of us knows that a motorcyclist in a severe case is a much filigrees target, such as a car. How best to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle you will find out more in this article!

Like a raw egg – The helmet protects the human mind

Hard to expect otherwise, an essential part of motorcycle equipment is the helmet! This is not news, but every driver has to take this issue seriously because the head is an essential part of our body after all. Many do not know that you can do a lot wrong, especially when buying a motorcycle helmet.

Necessary: Take your time to buy the helmet, because the right size is the alpha and omega. Make sure that the helmet sits well on the entire head, but does not push! It is also advisable not to shy away from costs as it is ultimately about the essential protection of our body.

Of course, now also the question arises, how the rest of the body can best be protected.

Since it can very quickly come to injuries when falling with the motorcycle, it is particularly important to protect as large and abrasion-resistant as possible. But also bruises and fractures are unfortunately not uncommon in such accidents. However, many people do not want to admit that protectors on the whole body can not only reduce the risk of injury slightly but enormously! Thus, a bone fracture or a severe bruise, for example, with protectors often only a bruise.

Like a second skin – a motorcycle suit is the best protective clothing

Motorcycle combinations, especially leather suits, are absolutely the best full-body protection for motorcyclists. A leather suite offers by the well-tried leather material, namely an enormous abrasion resistance and at the same time by their incorporated protector’s proper protection against serious injuries. Leather suits are available in both one-piece and two-piece suits. However, these are usually considered very expensive, but you should worry about the price in terms of body protection less. It would be wiser to save on the motorcycle than in the protective gear.

Regrettably, only a few Motorradkombis integrated back protectors are available as spine protection, so it is recommended in any case, to wear an external back protector under the motorcycle gear. Many motorcycle combinations also offer slip-in pockets, making them easy to upgrade with a protector. Back protectors usually provide the entire spine excellent protection and win not only in motorcyclists increasingly popular. The security of our back is absolutely essential because this is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Hand and ankles must be specially protected – injuries here heal very slowly

Motorcycle boots and motorcycle gloves have, fortunately, become standard among “bikers.” It is also important to them that they are necessarily bought in a suitable size. At best in the specialized trade, as these must be tried on beforehand.

Apart from the protection options already mentioned, there are, of course, countless other alternatives of protective clothing. It is essential that you are informed in detail before the purchase of any protective equipment or good advice. You should also less eye-catching on the price and instead, ensure excellent quality and adequate protection. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are not afraid to pay anything when buying the bike and instead, save on the accessories. Even if the bike is the central part of this great sport, you should not forget to take care of yourself, because you can buy motorcycles with money, health as good as not!

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