Motorcycle registration: Which documents are required?

Many motorcyclists can not wait for the passage to the registration office: With the approval of the two-wheeler, nothing is in the way of driving pleasure – as long as there is nothing wrong with the documents. What is needed is the “Registration Certificate Part II,” formerly known as the Read More

Ball bearings in the motorcycle – what role do they play?

What is the task of the ball bearing? In all vehicles ball bearings in different versions are almost indispensable. Even scooters, tricycles and bicycles have a simple ball bearing that encloses the axles. Bearings are responsible not only for low friction and their smoothness, but they can also significantly reduce Read More

We were there: Honda Fun and Safety Adventure 2016

You do not want to give away things that are particularly close to your heart. That applies even more to the subject of motorcycles. If the beloved two-wheeler is to be transported but many kilometers, or even a new purchase pending, there are alternatives to carry on its axis.


The easiest way to achieve this is by taking care of the equipment not only before the season but also throughout the year, regardless of whether the motorcycle is your everyday means of transport or whether you use it sporadically.