Plan a motorcycle tour – step by step instructions

Who plans a motorcycle trip, is usually sitting in front of a massive mountain of ideas. The question is, where do you start? There are different software packages, different maps. Do you want to get from A to B as fast as possible or tackle it slowly and relaxed? Camping or hotel accommodation?

The default – Motorradblogger wants to travel

It should be a trip with friends from Berlin to Prague. The route will lead over Poland and on the way home via Dresden. The planned period is estimated at five days. It can certainly be a nice round trip put together. People should spend the night in hotels, and day trips should be medium in length. So about 250km daily stages without the highway. These can still be avoided in bad weather or time pressure.

Which software?

The choice of software will mostly depend on personal preference. For example, many motorcyclists plan directly with Garmin’s Basecamp. Also, Tire, which is included in TomTom devices, is an exciting program.

The extra work of dubbing makes the effortless handling in quickly recouped.

1st step: setting a rough route

As a first step, I set a rocky path in to get a better overview. In our example, the journey from A to B, Berlin to Prague, is relatively short. In order to make the desired detour to Poland, I pull the route created on the map a little way to Poland; then I put another point back to Berlin to complete the tour. You choose the distance approximately so that the desired day tour with 250km results. A total length of about 1,250km so.

Step 2: Research

Now we have a rough idea of ​​where our journey might take us. Now we can do two things.

First, I turn the Motoplaner on satellite view and try to make scenic routes out. Beautiful nature parks are located. In almost all cases, these are beautiful landscapes. In our example, I discovered shortly after the border, just north of the now registered route, the “Park Narodowy.”

In parallel, I am looking for attractions. I start very superficially with Poland. Most are located in the far east of Poland. So I’m looking for cities that are close to the route. The town “Zielona Gora” seems very interesting, also offers some pubs and a beautiful old town.

Immediately thereafter follows a national park again and so I work out piece by piece. Very practical for motorcycle trips is the map mode “Relief.” This is the easiest way to recognize where mountainous regions are located. Therefore, I lay the route to the Polish-Czech border, where some curvy courses lure.

A good source for inspiration and route ideas are various travel forums. Also, Google Earth can not hurt, because, in some areas, you can directly click on photos taken on site.

The rest of the way via Prague and Dresden will continue via federal highways with little detours. In the end, I get a distance of 1205km and a driving time of 21 hours. It is calculated by five days, that gives you 4.2 hours a day.

Step 3: The daily schedule

For the time being, I export the main route created above as a GPX file and save it in Basecamp. Now it’s time to plan the day tours. You can also skip this and look for overnight accommodations on the way. The shorter the journey, the better I book rooms but already in advance to have as much free time on the road.

So I open a second window in the Motoplaner and create the same route, but pay attention to the total kilometer display. So there is a first overnight stay in Zielona Gora, where we have planned a stop anyway.

I also export these day tours again, until I have the entire trip together. Then all routes are transferred to the sat nav.

Step 4: The journey

Along the way, there are often changes to the route. The created day tours can be easily corrected on the sat nav. A real card can also serve well here in the “fine planning” at the breakfast table.

It has also proved helpful to save selected accommodation and attractions as a POI with the exact address in the sat-nav. So you can always navigate with just a few inputs to the desired location.


Planning a motorcycle trip can be really fun, and it is the best way to get started on the journey. You should definitely take your time. Time for the planning itself, but also for the day trips. Anyone who measures too short here is continuously under pressure or has to plan the route over and over again. If you plan enough breaks is an exciting but relaxing motorcycle trip nothing in the way.

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