Motorcycle trip to the West Coast of the USA – Compare Motorcycle rental or transportation

Especially the question of the right motorcycle seems to be a difficult one. Contrary to popularity, my dream is not in a 400 KG heavy Harley, but rather in a sleek, sporty bike, with which one or the other curve is possible without reducing the weight of the footrests.

9000 km as the crow flies for transport – the cost of sea freight

Worth the motorcycle rental on a trip to the Big Sur

That’s why I started looking for a way to bring my motorcycle with me. A distance of 9000 km as the crow flies is to be overcome here. The research on the Internet revealed that transport by sea freight would cost around € 2,600 (in words – two thousand six hundred euros).

For this the motorcycle has to be moved to a particular place (who does not happen to live next to Bremerhaven will pay 2x 179 € for the transport within Germany.

Also, the motorcycle must be packed by the customer in a box at many providers. This increases the effort and provides even more complexity.

The motorbike is then loaded in the harbor and takes about five weeks to reach the West Coast. Since this time also has to be counted for the return trip, the motorcycle is thus about two months traveling alone for the arrival and departure and is not available.

The motorcycle rental of BMW GS 1200 and Co is also possible in the USA

After I declared the project motorcycle trip on the west coast already failed after rollover of all efforts, I nevertheless took some time to consider that unloved scenario of renting a motorcycle. After comparing various providers, I then actually found providers who, in addition to the vast selection of Harleys and Indians also “European models,” such as a Triumph Explorer rent. Here you pay around 125 € per day for the motorcycle (+ surcharge for desired additional hedges)

In sum, outweigh the benefits of renting a bike over the transport

In the further course, I have then thought about the advantages/disadvantages of motorcycle rental in the US and summarized here.

  • no costs for wear/tear of your bike
  • no organizational effort for transport
  • no additional purchase for any suitcases (included in rent)
  • no abandonment of the motorcycle home by the omission of forwarding
  • no waiting at the port or customs
  • No risk of damage during transport

Disadvantages of the lease on site

  • Ride with an unknown motorcycle (Tip: test model before in Germany)
  • Ride on a bike of unknown technical condition
  • In case of damage, trouble with the local provider (insurance conditions)
  • Risk of sudden unavailability on the spot

First costing trip to the west coast of the USA

The Motorcycle Vacation Project in the US is, therefore, entering the second round of planning.

So far, the costs have been calculated as follows (14-day trip)

Flight from/to Berlin: around 1.000 €

Motorcycle rental: 10 days incl. Unlimited Miles: 1,867 € (Triumph Explorer / BMW GS)

Hotels (favorable): 600 €

Fuel: 100 €

Meals / expenses: 400 €

Other: 250 € (eg, feeder rides, additional insurance, unplanned)

Total: 4,217 €

The dream to travel to Big Sur on the west coast of the United States goes into the second round. After clarifying the financing, the next blog article will follow. However, this stately sum can take a while longer.

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