The easiest way to achieve this is by taking care of the equipment not only before the season but also throughout the year, regardless of whether the motorcycle is your everyday means of transport or whether you use it sporadically.

Every ride leads to dirt on the engine, paint and also the chain. So what to do to keep the vehicle in the best possible condition? Motorcycle care in 5 steps ahead of you.

Motorcycle chain care

The main task of the motorcycle chain is to transfer the engine power to the rear wheel. Simply put – it allows you to ride a two-wheeler. However, he comes to work in very adverse conditions. His everyday life is heat, mud, dust, as well as heavy loads. It is, therefore, no secret that much attention should be paid to him. In addition to taking care of the proper tension, it is worth buying a chain care kit. It should include a cleaning agent and special grease. Their regular use will not only keep the chain clean, but it will also prepare it for the next route, and also facilitate the survival of winter intact.

Oil and air filter change

For people who need motivation to regularly check the level of engine oil and don’t remember about its cyclical changes, we suggest that this fluid is responsible for reducing friction between metal engine parts, cooling the unit from the inside and collecting impurities from it. The garbage must, in turn, capture the filter so that it does not remain in the engine. Thus, it is clear how important the described parts play in the operation of the two-wheeler.

It is also very important to pour in the oil change that the manufacturer recommends. The frequency of the procedure should also be consistent with his suggestion. If you do not follow the guidelines, you risk deteriorating the engine’s operating conditions, which in extreme cases can lead to its failure.

We will also mention the air filter, which should be checked by all motorcyclists, but especially those who leave the asphalt roads and use the two-wheeler for off-road use. In such difficult conditions, the filter is exposed to the largest pollution; it also wears out much faster. Of course, the best solution is a regular replacement, but if you want to relieve your own wallet, it’s worth cleaning it even every ride.

Caring for the cleanliness and appearance of the machine

A well-maintained motorcycle is not only one whose owner makes the necessary inspections and replaces parts on time, but also cares about its cleanliness and appearance. Contrary to appearances, this is not just a visual matter, because it affects the safety and reliability of the machine. Experienced motorcyclists, when asked about a raised topic, often cite the example of riders participating in races. Their machines are always perfectly clean, and if they get dirty, they are cleaned immediately. This is not just a nod to the sponsors and the visibility of their ads. Dust, dust, and dirt can affect the faster wear of vehicle components, and most importantly, on a clean machine, it is easier to notice any leaks.

Therefore, your ritual should be a cyclical washing of the motorcycle, during which sand is the biggest enemy. Remember that scrubbing a motorcycle with a slightly wet sponge, without rinsing it with plenty of water, is not the best idea. After getting rid of the rough sediment, you will also need the right liquid for proper cleaning. Also, don’t forget to remove tar and asphalt particles as well as insects. Cosmetics, usually in the form of a spray, will help you with this treatment.

The final stage of washing should be waxing and polishing, which will give the machine a new look.

Cleaning agents

True caring begins when you take care of it yourself. Not only does it give you a reason to be proud after the procedure, but it also guarantees the best possible effect. Who will take care of your machine more than you do? There are many preparations on the market that will facilitate your beauty treatments. In addition to the motorcycle cosmetics mentioned above, it is also worth equipping yourself with exhaust polishing agents, taking care of the rims, as well as caring for the leather parts of the machine. During these activities, you also have the best chance of locating any corrosion centers that should be removed immediately.

Motorcycle helmet

Finally, one of the most important elements affecting the safety of the rider, i.e., a helmet. When cultivating a motorcycle, it is worth spending a moment on the shell, which can be easily and quickly cleaned using appropriate agents. We suggest that after such a treatment, you always let it dry freely, as using other heat sources, such as a dryer or radiator, may negatively affect its condition.

After taking care of the outer shell and disinfecting the inside of the helmet, remember the most important thing, i.e., washing the visor. It’s best to do it with water and soap and finally wipe with a dry, soft cloth. You can also use wipes for a quick helmet. Never use strong chemicals – it’s the easiest way to destroy the viewfinder.

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