Regardless of whether you agree with it or not – if you ride a motorcycle, it is worth to take care of its technical condition. So that the two-wheeler journey is as safe as possible, see how to take care of your motorcycle.

Paul Crowe, the editor of the portal for motorcycle enthusiasts “Kneeslider,” claims that the motorcycle allows contacting nature and … other people. Compared to traveling by car while driving a two-wheeler, the distance between passengers is very short. To enjoy your motorcycle for a long time, however, you need to control its condition and follow the basic principles of vehicle care. Check how to do it.

Who can ride a motorcycle – driving license A or B?

You do not need to have individual permissions to ride a motorcycle. Regulations have been in force since 2014 that allows motorcycle holders of category B driving licenses to ride a bike. However, it is a requirement to limit the capacity of the mechanism. The engine can have a maximum of 125 cm 3 and no more than 11 kW. Also, the driver must use the driving license for at least three years.

Some politicians and some drivers are currently questioning this provision. In June this year, the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee debated a report showing that the number of accidents involving two-wheelers has recently increased by over 1 %. Some participants postulated the withdrawal of the 2014 regulation. It is worth noting, however, that the report did not include what licenses those drivers had (category A or B driving license), and no increase in the number of two-wheelers on Polish roads was taken into account.

Motorcycle inspection – how often do you need to perform diagnostics?

Do you want to ensure you and your passenger’s safe while traveling on a motorcycle? Start with routine technical inspections of your two-wheeler. How often do you need to do such an examination? According to the provisions of the Highway Code (article 81), a technical review should be carried out:

  • less than three years after the first registration (applies to new equipment);
  • before five years from the early registration and not later than two years from the last review;
  • next – every year from the previous report.

It is worth remembering these dates because being late is associated with an offense, which may result in a fine. Currently, there are also talks about the proposed new provisions that would allow review after the deadline only at provincial stations, and thus usually far from home. Such a regulation would punish late drivers. However, it is not yet known if and when it will come into force.

Motorcycle review – what will be checked?

During the examination, the diagnostician checks whether the identification data in the evidence match the actual state. Then the control passes:

  • motorcycle tires,
  • tension and condition of the drive chain,
  • passing and driving lights,

The effectiveness of the brakes on both wheels, exhaust cleanliness, and noise levels are also tested. During the diagnostic review, the curvature of the frame, the condition of the steering system (including bearing looseness) and the shock absorber system are assessed. It is also worth remembering that two-seater motorcycles must be equipped with passenger footrests.

How to care for a motorcycle?

In addition to periodic reviews of the technical condition, service inspections are also necessary, which are best done in the workshop before the start of the season.

Particular attention should be paid to the power train. The motorcycle chain will get longer after some time, so you should check it now and then if you need to stretch it. It is also essential to change the engine oil together with the filter. The oil level and oil filter should be checked at least once every 1000 km.

Chain lubrication is also an important maintenance activity. It reduces wear on sleeves and rollers and protects against corrosion. Also, the use of motorcycle chain grease protects rubber sealants from damage. This procedure should be repeated every 300-400 kilometers traveled.

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