Ball bearings in the motorcycle – what role do they play?

What is the task of the ball bearing?

In all vehicles ball bearings in different versions are almost indispensable. Even scooters, tricycles and bicycles have a simple ball bearing that encloses the axles. Bearings are responsible not only for low friction and their smoothness, but they can also significantly reduce the energy requirements for locomotion without bearings, the friction increases and thus the energy requirement – and even with small mopeds. With a large motorcycle, the powerful engine could play over a non-existent bearing easily, but increased friction also leads to more mediocre handling and more considerable heat. Typical locations of ball bearings in the motorcycle are in addition to the wheels, for example, the steering head bearing or the swingarm bearings. I would not go into the various bearings in the engine, and this also overwhelms my expertise.

What types of ball bearings are there

Several ball bearings have different properties. Which stock is needed depends on the purpose. In addition to the standard ball bearing, there are other particular types, such as self-aligning ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, linear ball bearings, needle roller bearings, and roller bearings.

The roller bearing is one of the so-called rolling bearings, which are often used for car, motorcycle and moped gearbox. All bearing types have one thing in common: they are particularly resistant. Their robustness is due to their hardening. However, this also brings a disadvantage. Ball bearings are very susceptible to corrosion. For optimum operation, the bearings must be provided with generous lubrication so that the small deficit is reduced to a minimum.

Another variant of the needle bearing is the release bearing. It is relatively small and is often used in transmissions of mopeds or cars as well as other large machines. For vehicles, it allows easy change between the respective gears when operating the clutch.

Install the ball bearing correctly – this increases the service life

How important it is to install ball bearings correctly is illustrated by the example of a cross bike. When used in the field, ball bearings and seals are particularly required because dirt and moisture can penetrate the last groove of the motorcycle and affect the function of the bearing. In extreme conditions, sooner or later moisture or dust will enter the ball bearings. At the latest then the bearings and any Simmerringe and seals must be replaced. Regular inspection and lubrication help to increase service life and detect defects in time.

A defective and thus blocking ball bearing can have an accident in extreme cases. That’s why it’s essential to install the new bearings properly. Care, cleanliness, and experience are necessary to install the new bearing accurately without tension. This is the only way to ensure optimal function with long service life. Usually, ball bearings are very durable and robust. If you do not trust the installation yourself, as always, let the specialist have the precedence.

Order ball bearings online save money

If a warehouse is defective and needs to be replaced, it can be ordered both from specialist dealers and the Internet. The only prerequisite: The names and dimensions of the defective part are known, and the exchange is not a problem. This can save a lot of money. A source for various bearings of many well-known brands is, for example, this online shop where I order my bearings.

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