Accident insurance – not only for motorcyclists essential

Accident insurance – a word that does not necessarily create beautiful associations for motorcyclists. Nevertheless, every person should regularly deal with it. Why the private accident insurance is so essential clarifies the fact check.

While many motorcyclists make every effort to optimize their car insurance every year to get a lot of performance in the event of a claim for as little money as possible, only very few bikers know precisely how your protection is. But a motorcycle is always replaceable and, as hard as it is, not vital. Accident insurance is an essential pillar of private insurance. What she does and what to look for, I have put together here in the fact check on private accident insurance.

What is private accident insurance and for what damage does it occur?

Accident insurance insures the consequences of an accident. This occurs whenever, in a sudden, unpredictable event, a person is physically damaged by external influences. It is entirely irrelevant whether the crash was caused by own fault or by a third party. The insurance benefit is the payment of agreed sums. This happens regardless of any further fees by other insurance companies.

In general, the insurance serves to cover the costs of the consequences of an accident. The exact scope and insured benefits depend on the individual policy. Therefore, only a rough overview of possible benefits can be given here.

  • Costs of salvage/emergency care (not always covered by health insurance)
  • Costs of rehabilitation (eg, measures to restore mobility)
  • Cost of compensation for permanent impairment, eg, for the conversion of the apartment in case of disability
  • Social values (eg, domestic help)
  • Charges for any necessary retraining measures
  • monthly pension payments, eg, full disability
  • Death grant for survivors in the event of death

Depending on the accident and the consequences, costs of many thousands of euros can quickly be incurred here. Novel treatment methods are often not wholly taken over by health insurance companies. Also, high investments are required for conversions to vehicles or living space. If due to an accident, the management is restricted, there is a risk of loss of livelihood due to lack of income without proper protection.

What does private accident insurance cost?

In the area, you often meet people who consider accident insurance as unimportant and redundant. With a few prejudices, I want to “clean up” at this point.

Prejudice I – The accident insurance is financed by social security contributions, private insurance is meaningless

Wrong – Although there is a statutory accident, insurance is a solid pillar in our social system. However, this only pays for the consequences of accidents that occur during or on the way to work or occupational diseases.

Even if on the way home with the motorcycle, not the direct route, but the winding, much longer route is chosen, the insurance does not pay in an accident.

Prejudice II – In an accident but pay the accident opponent

Here is an explicit Join – Right, in the case of a traffic accident without fault theoretically pays the accident opponent for the consequences of the crash. But here are some pitfalls too.

Not always there is an accident opponent. Self-culpable accidents or accidents with unexplained guilt / partial liability shall be borne by the injured party, including all consequences.

Accident opponents, unfortunately, behave more often not compliant. In addition to the classic driver escape, there are always people who are traveling without insurance coverage. Although they violate the compulsory insurance law for vehicles, then you have nothing of it, if the opponent has no private assets to pay your damages.

Likewise, there is no obligation for private liability insurance in Germany. For example, if you have to use a motorcycle to avoid a pedestrian who suddenly steps onto the street and injures you in the following fall, you will be left empty-handed, should the guilty party not have any insurance or reserves despite the clarifying question of guilt.

However, the situation becomes even more apparent when we look beyond the borders. High is such a motorcycle holiday in distant lands, a real adventure. If there is an accident here, the insurance situation is even more complicated.

In general, you have to fight in the event of damage, usually with the opposing insurance for the exact amount of damage. This is not only exhausting, but the outcome is also uncertain, and in the period of often several years, you will receive no advance payment for any necessary services.

Here is the accident insurance at an advantage, but the exact sums and damage cases are previously specified.

Prejudice III – I have health insurance, which comes up for my treatment

Again the answer is yes. The health insurance pays only for the direct costs of the procedure. However, many additional costs will not be borne; for example, even the recovery abroad may burden the private wallet.

If a more extended hospital stay should be necessary the payment of the accident insurance can mitigate the possible loss of earnings, also for this the health insurance does not occur.

If unique treatments are necessary due to an accident, not all worthwhile therapies will be covered by the health insurance, there will be expensive follow-up costs.

How do I find suitable accident insurance for me?

Choosing the right accident insurance depends on many factors. A general recommendation can not and should not be made here. Also, I will not go into individual companies.

The accident insurance must be individually tailored to the situation of the person to be insured. Influencing factors are eg

  • individual consideration of the risk (hobbies, living conditions, …)
  • desired benefits in case of damage
  • available financial travel

Attention – the “normal” accident insurance does not pay for accidents that happen to you in race training for profit. Closes here urgently a sports accident insurance with the organizer from (costs usually around 15 € / day).

In general, it is essential not to neglect accident insurance even with little financial flexibility. Especially people with little money quickly reach the limits of their own financial capacity in the event of an accident.

It is, therefore, essential to seek advice from an experienced specialist. At this point, I urge you to choose the choice of insurance based solely on the payable contribution. Also, I recommend dealing with the topic profoundly.

Many of us spend a lot of time choosing the right tires or choosing a new exhaust – but more important is securing one’s own life because if that does not work, the exhaust is entirely unimportant.

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