10 tips for a long road trip

At this point, if you’re not on vacation you’re a few days away from crossing out the calendar. What is certain is that you have already chosen your destination and planned your luggage and best drum rug. In case we can help you, here are 10 tips to face a long road trip.

It is the ideal moment to go over these 10 tips to face long trips given by Goodyear:

  1. No matter how far you are going to travel.

If you travel from Germany to Italy, from Denmark to the south of France, or from Madrid to Valencia. What matters is that you have everything ready, the car in good condition and that you travel safely.

  1. Be prepared. Always check that you have packed everything, that you have left your house under control and that you have arranged with your friends or family to pick up the mail and feed your pet. All this avoids making stressful calls while driving or having to turn around. A list also helps.
  2. Be rested. Never underestimate how physically exhausting a long trip can be, especially on roads you don’t know or in heavy traffic. Drivers should be well rested and fully aware of their surroundings during the trip, but rested passengers also help reduce stress in the car.
  3. Luggage. Think twice about what you’re going to take. For example, a beach umbrella may seem important, but if it stands out from the passenger area of the vehicle it may be worth buying or renting one at your destination.
  4. Investigate your route. A little planning about driving time, roads to take and possible stops will greatly reduce stress in advance.
  5. Drive in sections. All road safety agencies recommend that long trips be divided into driving sections. Stopping at least every two hours helps the driver concentrate. Eating light meals and drinking plenty of water will prevent that feeling of saturation and tiredness that you get after a heavy meal. Remember that not drinking is as dangerous as driving drunk.
  6. Take turns driving. If possible, find a driving buddy and take turns driving to your destination. This allows each driver to rest and increases concentration.
  7. Check your moto’s setup. A breakdown in the middle of a long journey can quickly become a stressful and expensive nightmare. Check the level of fluids, brakes and tyres above all. Here are the five points you should check on your bike.
  8. Check the tires. That your tyres are in good working condition is also important for a safe and comfortable journey. Not only checking the tread of the tyres, but also making sure they have the right pressure to match the needs of a fully loaded car. Make a note of these four clues that the tyres are no longer useful.
  9. Download a safety application. Goodyear offers a road safety application designed specifically for holiday trips around Europe. It includes useful tips on local traffic laws, regulations and key language phrases to help you when faced with a number of problems on the road. It is available for download for both iPhone and Android.

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